PayPal and Fandango work together for a new enhanced experience for moviegoers

Mobile Payments

Fandango has announced that users of mobile devices will now be able to pay for their movie tickets using PayPal when they are purchased through the Android or iPhone apps. According to the general manager and executive vice president of Fandango, Rick Butler, PayPal was first offered to moviegoers as a payment option on the company’s website, but they are now thrilled to be able to offer it to mobile users, as well. He went on to say that “More than 20 percent of Fandango’s ticket sales come from mobile…

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The film industry is diving into cutting edge marketing

Mobile Commerce Film Industry

Just as ever-improving technology is being used to create films, so is it being used to market them, through innovative advertising campaigns using digital and social media that have been designed to fill the seats in the theaters. The film industry has found itself needing to be creative in order to compensate for the impact of pirating and other circumstances on their ticket sales. It has therefore formed some interesting new campaigns designed to rebuild the drive to head out to the movies. The film industry in South Africa has…

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