QRt.co announces release of first custom QR code service for businesses

QRt.co Custom QR Codes

It allows companies to instantly and easily generate visually compelling barcodes. Technology company, QRt.co, has just released a QR code service industry first, which is a custom two dimensional barcode generator created just for businesses and brands. This could make the square black and white boxes a thing of the past for advertisers. The online tool offered by the company provides the ability to create codes that are visually appealing with only a few clicks of the mouse. It is anticipated that marketers will find this feature especially attractive, as they…

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QRHacker offers creation of designer QR codes for businesses and individuals


Designer QR codes are becoming more popular as a branding strategy for businesses. These codes are identical to conventional QR codes apart from the fact that they can be embedded with a small logo or graphical design. These designs do not impair the functionality of the codes, however, meaning that will still be useful to a company’s mobile initiatives. Designer codes can be a good way for businesses with a need to reach out to mobile consumers to brand themselves and make their codes stand out from those used by…

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New form of QR code boosts mobile commerce through instructional encouragement to scan

QR Codes shopping for men

  Survey says…half of mobile campaigns have implemented a QR code. Scanbuy.com data has indicated that half of all marketers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their overall mobile marketing, and an additional 86 percent intend to incorporate it into their mobile commerce efforts in the future, making it clear that these barcodes are growing in popularity. The question that remains is whether or not it will have the desired impact on consumers and whether or not they will actually use them. Though the awareness of QR codes,…

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Nestle leverages QR codes in new campaign, may expand their use of the barcodes in the future

Nestle Headquarters Japan

Nestle, the world’s largest food and nutrition company, has begun using QR codes for their latest marketing campaign in Denmark. The codes come from Paperlinks, an ambitious mobile marketing startup based in California. Paperlinks has designed a custom QR code to be used for the campaign that transforms the code’s traditional black and white blocky pattern into one that is more esthetically alluring. Nestle will be using the designer QR codes at a number of events that will be held throughout Denmark. The marketing campaign aims to promote the company’s…

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Looking for your QR Code in something a little more sturdy?

QR codes have become metallic. Metalcraft, a provider of personalized identification nameplates and labels, has announced that they will now be adding the codes to their products upon request. Metalcraft has serviced thousands of businesses throughout the country and is responding to growing demand that says companies must be more invested in mobile technology. To this end, the company is now offering its clients the ability to attribute their labels with QR codes to further engage an increasingly tech-savvy audience. “Our customers were beginning to ask about putting QR codes…

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