New form of QR code boosts mobile commerce through instructional encouragement to scan

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Survey says…half of mobile campaigns have implemented a QR code. data has indicated that half of all marketers have already implemented QR codes as an element of their overall mobile marketing, and an additional 86 percent intend to incorporate it into their mobile commerce efforts in the future, making it clear that these barcodes are growing in popularity.

The question that remains is whether or not it will have the desired impact on consumers and whether or not they will actually use them. Though the awareness of QR codes, due to their ever increasing visibility, is growing, there are still a large number of individuals who don’t know what they are or have seen them but don’t know how to scan them.

A recent Simpson Carpenter survey suggested that only 36 percent of consumers both knew what a QR code is and how to use it. Among them, only 11 percent had actually scanned one of the barcodes using a mobile device. As this is one of the primary struggles when launching a QR campaign it is clear that a solution for bridging the gap and educating consumers is required.

QR Pal, a free scanner application, has addressed this issue by launching a free barcode generator that creates custom QR codes that include one of four types of instructional message that tells consumers what the code is and provides options for downloading a free scanner so that the barcode can be used.

This solution is designed to help to inform consumers so that they will no longer overlook this important form of mobile marketing. If one of the QR codes happens to catch the attention of a consumer, it will also provide exactly what that individual needs to know in order to obtain a scanner and use the code, at no cost to them. This works to the advantage of both the mobile marketer and the consumer.

This is a first of its kind mobile commerce tool for QR codes that is geared toward educating and encouraging consumers in order to boost the scanning results throughout this year so that they will be able to grow more naturally into the future as awareness becomes commonplace.

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