QR codes used in Xiamen Airport for check-in service

QR Codes check in

This new barcode scan program has just been launched within the international airport . QR codes have taken another boost, now, as Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport has just launched a new mobile online check-in service that uses the two dimensional barcodes as a central element. Passengers who won’t be checking their baggage can use the barcodes to obtain their boarding passes. Air travelers who don’t have any baggage to check can use an online service to check in and select their seats so that they can board the plane. The…

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QR codes worked into Chinese tombstones

QR codes gravestone

Information about the deceased individual can now be obtained through the scanning of a barcode. Chinese mourners now have a new way to remember their loved ones who have passed on by scanning QR codes that are displayed on tombstones. These barcodes will allow the family members of deceased people to memorialize the individual online. Through the use of QR codes that are displayed on a tombstone, smartphone users can scan and learn more about the individual’s past and what they did while they were alive. This new high tech…

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QR codes adopted by Youku

QR codes smartphone

Youku turns to QR codes to bolster mobile presence Youku, China’s top video site, which is very similar to YouTube in the U.S., has launched a new initiative to bring the videos its hosts to the mobile space. For years, Youku has been restricted to desktops, only available to PCs. Recently, however, the company has been working to expand its mobile presence through the development of new applications and the use of interactive technologies. Youku has targeted QR codes as the ideal way to bring its videos to mobile platforms.…

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QR codes see considerable progress in China

qr codes scanning

The smartphone friendly barcodes are being noticed by Chinese device users and scans are rising. Though there has been some doubt as to whether or not QR codes would ever fully catch on, 2013 seems to be presenting some very promising trends worldwide, with the latest coming from China. The National Art Museum of China, for example, provides information about its pieces through barcodes. For this, and hundreds of other reasons, smartphone users in China are scanning QR codes as never before. This is the result of a company called…

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QR codes created by XMU students to share Marathon tips

QR codes marathon

The barcodes have been designed to help spread useful information about the upcoming event. Keeping with the trend of the very first campus information system in China that is based on QR codes, students attending that country’s Xiamen University have come up with a special smartphone barcode for sharing helpful tips to assist participants in the upcoming Marathon. The barcodes were chosen because they are already widely recognized across the campus. These two dimensional smartphone friendly barcodes have been implemented throughout the university’s campus in order to provide students with…

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