QR codes used in Xiamen Airport for check-in service

QR Codes check in

QR Codes check inThis new barcode scan program has just been launched within the international airport .

QR codes have taken another boost, now, as Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport has just launched a new mobile online check-in service that uses the two dimensional barcodes as a central element.

Passengers who won’t be checking their baggage can use the barcodes to obtain their boarding passes.

Air travelers who don’t have any baggage to check can use an online service to check in and select their seats so that they can board the plane. The site where the QR codes are generated for these passengers is in Chinese language only at the official website of the airport.

Once their information is entered, QR codes are generated and sent through a text message.

The passengers who have entered their personal information can select to either print out their boarding passes, or they can opt for the text messages that contain the QR codes. Those barcodes will then need to be presented to the security staff who will check them at the security access points of the airport.

Currently, Xiamen Airport provides options for mobile boarding at four different security access points for their domestic flights. These are located on the third floor of the terminal at A, E, F, and G access points. Each of those locations are equipped with a reader that can scan the QR codes.

The security staff use the QR code scans in order to verify the authenticity of the barcodes. It is a very quick and simple process that uses a handheld scanning device. Once the passengers have been confirmed through their barcodes, they are provided with a boarding pass. Passengers are also advised to keep the boarding passes with them, even when they have the barcodes, as they may be required to present them again at the gates before they step onto the planes.

At the moment, the QR codes and online check in services are not available for people who need to have their baggage checked. Those passengers will need to check in on the second floor at the traditional counters.

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