QR codes are the center of massive Chinese virtual supermarkets

Yihaodian QR Codes used for virtual shopping stores

Yihaodian has unveiled its intentions to open 1,000 barcode based shops. The largest food e-commerce site in China, Yihaodian, held a press conference in which it announced its massive step into mobile commerce through the use of QR codes. The announcement showed that a thousand virtual locations would open across the country. These supermarkets, which will be called “Unlimited Yihaodian” will use QR codes and product images in order to allow people to create their shopping lists, fill their carts, and make their orders. The stores won’t feature any actual…

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Mobile marketing is struggling in the largest wireless market in the world

China Mobile Commerce

China is not experiencing the success that it should from its smartphone consumers. As the largest smartphone marketplace in the world, it is easy to expect that mobile marketing should be taking off in China more than any other nation, but this is not the case. Government Statistics have shown that there are over one billion cell phone users in the country this year. Moreover Chinese consumers use their devices heavily. They are not simply seen as modes of communication, but are also used for product research, price comparison, shopping,…

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