The Pokémon Go craze is over but huge Lawsuits remain

Pokémon Go Mobile App - AR Mobile Game

The mobile app fad practically took over the world during the summer of 2016, leaving problems behind. Pokémon Go was one of the hottest mobile app crazes the world has ever experienced. Moreover, it was by far the most popular example of augmented reality to date. That said, while the application’s use has faded away, many of the problems it caused continue to exist. Unfortunately, some of the AR app users failed to exercise common sense while they played. As a result, many homeowners experienced a significant amount of trespassing.…

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Your next interior designer might just be your phone

AR Mobile App

Augmented reality can be used for more than marketing or games., a website that sells museum quality, hand painted canvas art, has released a new mobile application for the iPhone and iPod which uses augmented reality to help shoppers envision art on their walls at home. The company is looking to enhance customer’s experience and help them make informed purchasing decisions by allowing them to take art for a “test run” via the application. The application allows smart phone users to browse through art and then superimpose their favorite…

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