Switchblade Platform by 3Cinteractive receives important security certifications

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Leading Fortune 1000 cloud-based mobile service and software provider, 3Cinteractive (3Ci), has just announced that its Switchblade proprietary mobile platform has received certifications from U.S.-European Union (EU) Safe Harbor, and from TRUSTe Cloud Data Privacy.

In order to obtain these certifications, 3Ci had to undergo a meticulous review of its privacy policies, its security procedures, and the security measures it takes for its platform. Clients of 3Ci are among the largest global brands, which rely on the service provider to offer them with innovative and secure mobile communication solutions.

According to a 3Ci press release, this certification helps to demonstrate the great importance that the company gives to the value of the transactions it delivers by way of its platform, to both their own clients, as well as the customers of their clients. It intends to maintain its efforts to do everything possible to ensure the security and privacy available through its platform.


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TRUSTe is the privacy industry’s current leader, with more than 4,000 highly reputable clients such as Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Apple, Disney, AT&T, eBay, and Yelp. TRUSTe keeps up with all of the very latest complex and evolving requirements for privacy compliance. The privacy seal it provides to its clients is a symbol recognized by millions of online consumers as an indicator of responsible privacy efforts.

As the Switchblade platform is not limited to the United States, it has also gone on to receive the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework certification. This U.S. Department of Commerce-recognized certification will help further assuage the concerns of customers around the globe who take part in the millions of mobile transactions that are processed by the platform.

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