Nokia opens new online store, hopes to get businesses involved in NFC

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Nokia is charging ahead with its NFC initiative. The telecom company recently launched a new online store which will offer NFC-enabled marketing materials to businesses around the world. Dubbed the NFC Hub, Nokia is offering to place NFC tags on just about anything, ranging from signboards to business cards. Nokia has been keen to expand the use of NFC technology given the rapid growth of smart phones and the emerging mobile commerce industry.

When it comes to NFC, focus is often aimed at the technology’s applications to mobile payments. Several big-name companies have been investing in NFC for this very purpose, claiming that mobile transactions are the future of business. NFC, however, has a multitude of uses, and Nokia is steering people’s attention toward the more social aspects of the technology.

Not only with Nokia craft an NFC tag for a business, it will also embed that businesses social media presence in the tag, allowing, for instance, consumers to “like” the company on Facebook. The tags can also be integrated with Twitter and Foursquare to allow mobile users to interact with the company further. Social media has proven a valuable asset to the business world, and without an adequate presence online, most companies suffer from a lack of exposure.

Nokia will continue to expand their growing NFC empire leading up to the release of their latest NFC-enabled mobile devices later in the year.

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