QR code pet tags from Red Dingo help keep animals safe

QR Code pet tags

QR Code pet tags

The digital IDs are now being sold at nearly 900 retailers.

Red Dingo has just announced that it has launched a line of 13 new stylish QR code pet tags that provide shelter alerts, GPS email notifications, and web profiles, to ensure that owners can find their beloved animals that have gone missing.

The service is being powered by PetHub, which is already known for its IDs for animals.

The PetHub QR code pet tags by Red Dingo are highly durable as they are manufactured with high quality materials to make sure that they remain attractive and last for a long time, even on very active animals.

The QR code pet tags are meant to help people who find a lost animal to bring it home.

According to the Red Dingo CEO, Craig Chalk, “People have been so excited about the Red Dingo tags powered by PetHub that not only are we expanding our product line, we’ve also expanded to multiple countries, including the UK.”

He also added that “With PetHub, not only do we get the best QR digital ID technology to identify pets, we also get to help our customers feel good that they can protect their lost pet while looking awesome wearing one of our stylish tags.”


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Anyone with a smartphone can scan one of the QR code pet tags to access the animal’s profile with contact information for the owner. Furthermore, for those who don’t have a smartphone handy, there is a URL that will provide the same data.

The QR code pet tags from PetHub are highly affordable, as they start at $15.50, which includes the tag itself, as well as a PetHub account, giving free scan access to emergency contact data for the animal, as well as a 24/7 toll-free telephone number, and information regarding the cat or dog’s allergies, medications, immunizations, dietary needs, rabies and license numbers, veterinarian and insurance provider information, and more.

The information linked to the QR code pet tags can be updated at any time by the owner.

All that is required to access or update the QR code pet tags information is an internet browser on a mobile device or a personal computer.

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