QR code pet tags may help lost pets find their way home again

QR code pet tag - dog with collar looking out window

Easily scannable quick response codes could help owners to make sure their pets come home. QR code pet tags aren’t something completely new. A number of brands have been dabbling with the technology over the last several years. Now, as people start to recognize the barcodes and their phone camera apps have built-in scanners, the option holds considerably more promise. The idea is quite simple, requiring a customized quick response code to be printed onto the animal’s ID. If an animal – a cat or a dog for instance –…

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QR code pet tags help dogs and cats get home

qr code pet tags

Pawcode has announced its new quick response code products to give peace of mind to animal owners. A website in Australia has just announced its Pawcode Australia service that uses QR code pet tags in order to be able to make it easier for people who find a lost animal to be able to communicate with its owner so that it can be returned home once again. One of the largest fears of animal owners is to have their furry family members go missing. With these innovative QR code pet…

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QR codes released on Posh Pet ID collars

Lost Dog qr codes

These new products for cats and dogs are not only high tech but are based on jewelry designs. Posh Pet ID, a cat and dog products company, has just unveiled its latest pet collar charm, which features QR codes that are worked into its unique jewelry designs. These new products are meant to allow animal owners to keep their pets looking stylish while being safe. Owners of dogs and cats alike now have a new and stylish option to keep their beloved pets safe without having to sacrifice their appearance.…

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QR code pet tags from Red Dingo help keep animals safe

QR Code pet tags

The digital IDs are now being sold at nearly 900 retailers. Red Dingo has just announced that it has launched a line of 13 new stylish QR code pet tags that provide shelter alerts, GPS email notifications, and web profiles, to ensure that owners can find their beloved animals that have gone missing. The service is being powered by PetHub, which is already known for its IDs for animals. The PetHub QR code pet tags by Red Dingo are highly durable as they are manufactured with high quality materials to…

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QR codes can help people find missing things, including pets

QR Code

QR codes may have become one of the most widely used tools in the marketing world, but they can be used for much more than discounts. Washington-based startup Dynotag has launched seeks to use the codes as a way to track lost things. The service will be completely free, allowing users to generate their own QR codes and put them on anything that may be prone to being misplaced. The codes can be placed on just about anything as their size is customizable. When smart phone users create a QR…

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