Oracle unveils its multi-channel solution called FLEXCUBE for financial services industry

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Oracle Financial Services has announced the introduction of its FLEXCUBE multi-channel banking solutions which will help financial services organizations to provide their customers with increased personalization to their services through mobile and direct channels.

The product is called the Oracle FLEXCUBE Multi-Channel Solution, and it provides new versions of previous product for direct and private banking. This will give banks the ability to offer products and services such as those based on complete portfolio views, over a multitude of different direct channels, including mobile.

Through the use of this solution, banks are able to provide extremely personalized offerings while decreasing the cost of acquiring new customers by providing a broad range of different products that are all available through a single portal.


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This new solution will allow banks to quickly and seamlessly transition customers, no matter what type or size, from primary banking based on transactions to much more advanced tracking of customer portfolios, as well as investment consulting and full-service wealth management. It will also allow all channels to be leveraged, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This includes products and services for large corporate companies, small to medium sized businesses, or even individual investors.

According to the managing and chief executive officer of Oracle Financial Services Software, Chet Kamat, being able to provide customers with the ability to perform banking transactions using their preferred devices is “key to enhancing customer experience,” but that until now, “Banks have traditionally addressed this on a need basis and have been constrained by technology to standardize offerings on devices.”

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