NFC keychains allow consumers to engage in mobile commerce without NFC-enabled devices

NFC- key chain

NFC- key chain

China RFID introduces new NFC keychains

As NFC technology begins to become more common for iOS and Android mobile devices, companies are beginning to look for ways to make it easier for consumers to make use of NFC. China RFID, a leading provider of RFID and NFC products in the Asian market, has released the latest series of its NFC tag-03 products. The new products take the form of keychains, which are meant to allow consumers without NFC-enabled mobile devices access to NFC content and services.

Demand for more inclusive mobile commerce systems on the rise

Mobile commerce is quickly becoming poised to play a large role in the lives of many people around the world. The mobile commerce industry has experiences rapid and expansive growth due to the increasing interest surrounding NFC technology. NFC has been one of the most significant driving forces behind the establishment of a mobile commerce industry. As more consumers become interested in mobile payments, many without NFC-enabled mobile devices are demanding for companies to enable them to conduct NFC transactions so they can enjoy the convenience of mobile commerce more easily.


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NFC keychains to be available for iOS and Android platforms

The NFC keychains are available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The keychains can be programmed to access the financial information of their owner and use this information to make payments for goods and services. The tags associated with the keychains are made to be durable, allowing consumers some degree of peace of mind concerning the longevity of their NFC-enabled payment system.

NFC keychains expected to expand the availability of mobile commerce

The availability of NFC-enabled mobile devices is still quite low. Many telecommunications companies are working to release more of these devices to the commercial market, but progress has been somewhat sluggish. The demand for these devices is growing as more people become enamored with the concept of mobile commerce, however, so companies may be inclined to make NFC-enabled mobile devices available sooner rather than later.


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