Augmented reality coming to the pages of The Atlantic

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Magazine teams with Metaio to bring print to life

Famed monthly magazine The Atlantic, has partnered with Metaio, a leading augmented reality developer, to make its future issues more engaging. The magazine is not the first to show interest in the concept of augmented reality. In 2009, Esquire began embedding augmented reality content within its pages. Recently, companies like Virgin Media and others have begun adopting the technology in an effort to engage a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

Augmented reality content can be access through iPhone and Android mobile devices

The magazine’s July/August “Big Ideas” issue will be packed with augmented reality content. This content can be unlocked by readers using an iPhone or Android mobile device. The initiative aims to combine QR codes with augmented reality technology to present new experiences to readers. A number of QR codes and red icons created by Metaio will be found throughout the Big Ideas issue, each linking to unique augmented reality content, which could come in the form of videos, text, or interactive experiences.


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Readers will be faced with Prudential surveys in order to gain access to augmented reality content

This is the first time the magazine will be making use of either QR codes or augmented reality technology. Consumers will be able to find a variety of content through the initiative, the success of which may prompt the magazine to include the technologies in future issues. There is one drawback to the initiative, however, that may cause consumers to lose interest in the magazine’s augmented reality endeavor somewhat. Each time a reader wants to initiate an augmented reality experience they find embedded within the magazine, they must fill out a survey from insurance giant Prudential.

Technology may enable print to compete with digital content

Augmented reality continues to generate a buzz in the publishing industry due to its interactive nature. The technology is capable of making print content more engaging for consumers, thus enabling magazines and newspapers to compete against the wide range of digital publications that are becoming available on a seemingly daily basis.


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