New Mavely shopping app rewards customers for shopping, sharing and influencing

Mavely Shopping App - Mavely YouTube

The Chicago-based startup announced the launch of its unique shopping and affiliate app.

The newly launched Mavely shopping app targets women shoppers and has been designed with the objective to reward its user for purchasing and recommending products from over 100 direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands. The mobile shopping program gives users the chance to earn cash back on the products they buy.

Users can earn affiliate commissions off purchases.

More specifically, the app allows users to discover up-and-coning D2C brands, earn affiliate commissions off their purchases, and tap into their own community to share their favorite products.

Additionally, the Mavely shopping also benefits brands by building a new channel for D2C brands to reach an untapped network of customers while disrupting the standard multi-level-marketing (MLM) space. In other words, via its app, the company helps brands spend fewer dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads.

“Mavely is solving the rising costs of customer acquisition, a major hurdle for D2C brands today,” said Evan Wray, CEO and co-founder of Mavely, in an official news release announcing the launch of the app.

“Mavely is becoming a solid, competitive alternative to costly social channel advertising and provides marketers with a more efficient way to acquire customers at half the cost of Facebook ads. We are already seeing up to a 12% buy conversion rate on products, which obliterates the industry average,” Wray added.

Over 15,000 products from more than 100 brands are available on the Mavely shopping app.

Mavely users can invite friends and family and earn up to 10% back on their purchases. They can also earn 5% back, when shopping for themselves, on anything they buy.

Currently, there are more than 15,000 products from more than 100 brands available on Mavely, including Allbirds, Brandless, BarkBox, Home Chef, Brooklinen, M. Gemi, Little Spoon, La Colombe, Noom, Trade Coffee, Sun Basket and so on.

There is no cost to join the program and no inventory requirements. There is also no minimum followers count. Anyone can download the free Mavely shopping app and begin shopping. Moreover, users can freely buy and Mavely Shopping App - Mavely YouTuberecommend the product that they most want. Unlike typical MLM practices, users aren’t “pigeonholed” into promoting one line of product. This creates a genuine and trusted shopping experience.

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