New ad system from Google will highlight mobile games

Chinese mobile games

Google will be streaming demos of mobile games through advertisements

Google is testing a new system with its advertising platform, which may have an impact on mobile games. One of Google’s most attractive features is Google Play, an online store through which consumers can find a wide variety of applications, including games. These games have become one of the more popular categories on Google Play, especially as more consumers begin to play mobile games as a convenient form of entertainment.

Trial Run Ads will allow consumers to try mobile games they may be interested in

Google has launched its Trial Run Ads system, which will allow Google to stream advertisements from within mobile applications. The new ad system will allow consumers to play mobile games as they appear as advertisements. Each game being advertised can be played for approximately one minute, after which time consumers can decide whether they want to download the full game or not. On the business side, advertisers will only have to pay once a consumers has installed the game that is being promoted.

Ad system could be a major benefit for advertisers

Weird mobile gamesThe new ad system is expected to create an interactive environment for consumers, which may encourage them to try new mobile games. If consumers do not enjoy the game they are trying, they can simply ignore the ads. These types of demos for mobile games are nothing new, but Google has found a way to stream these demos directly through mobile ads. The new system may be a boon for advertisers, as consumers have shown themselves to be particularly fickle with their interest in mobile games of all kinds.

Game industry is showing aggressive interest in the mobile space

Mobile games have become a very powerful force in the overall game industry. These games have attracted the support, and money, of millions of consumers as they are easy to acquire and play. The convenient and attractive nature of mobile games has lead many developers and publishers to invest more heavily in the mobile space as a way to engage a growing consumer base.

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