Mother’s Day traditions have a new twist with mobile commerce

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Mobile Marketing to Moms

Though people are choosing more traditional gifts this year, their smartphones are playing an important role.

Mother’s Day is the second largest gift giving holiday of the year (after Christmas) and though previous years have seen dramatic efforts to make presents highly unique, this year people seem to be taking a step back and are choosing more traditional gifts – but not without their mobile devices!

According to National Retail Federation (NRF) data, consumers will spend an average of $152.52 on their gifts this year.

This is an increase of about 8 percent from the amount that they spent on gifts for mom last year, at $140.73. This should mean that the total spending for Mothers Day gifts this year will reach about $18.6 billion. As the amount of spending on mobile commerce sites and through smartphone payment methods has risen tremendously since last year and has almost doubled since 2010, this has opened up a significant opportunity for retailers who have embraced the technology.

The president and CEO of the NRF, Matthew Shay stated that “Despite grappling with high gas prices, Americans will look for sentimental and unique ways to shower mom with affection this year.” The survey from which the NRF data was gleaned showed that consumers this year will be focusing on buying flowers, fruit baskets, special meals, clothing, and electronics for their mothers, with flowers and eating out representing 66.4 percent of the gifts. Over half will be going out to brunch or dinner.

Mobile marketers are taking advantage of this knowledge by offering special offers and discounts for meals and flower deliveries.

Equally, retailers selling electronics and clothing have not fallen off the map, as almost 13 percent of consumers will be buying a gadget or device for their moms and almost one third will be choosing a new sweater or blouse for mom to wear.

The key word being targeted by conventional and mobile marketers alike, this year, is “tradition.” However, while the gifts might be more predictable than they have been over the last few years, it is the method by which they have been purchased that is breaking the mold.


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