Mobile Security Doesn’t Have to be Hard

mobile security

In a world where mobile technology is considered an integral part of society, ensuring that mobile devices are secure is a practice that often falls by the wayside. Smartphones and tablets contain a wealth of information that is actually quite valuable, but relatively little is being done to make sure this information is protected from exploitation. Businesses that offer mobile services do what they can to protect their customers, but people may have to take their own security more seriously if they want to ensure their digital safety.

The digital world is not a safe place and businesses cannot offer enough protection to guard against every threat that exists therein. In order to stay safe, you have to take security seriously. This doesn’t mean that you have to devote hours of your time agonizing over every detail of your digital existence. There are easy things that you can do to make sure you’re protected.

mobile security

  • Lock your device with a password

This can be considered common sense, but a surprising number of people do not take the take to protect their mobile device with a password. This is usually for the sake of convenience because of how often a person check’s their device. If your device is stolen, however, that convenience can quickly benefit the one that stole your device and your information.


  • Log out of banking and e-commerce sites

Again, this can be common sense, but many people do not log out of websites after they are done using them. Some of these sites are designed with convenience in mind, allowing you to leave the site and return to where you left off at a later time. If someone were to steal your device, they could have access to all the sites you were using but didn’t log out of.


  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and location services

When you’re not using the Internet, consider turning off your device’s Wi-Fi and location services. Free Wi-Fi networks are typically open to the public, which means anyone can use them whenever they want. Most people have no malicious intent, but hackers often lurk in insecure Wi-Fi networks, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of those that don’t think security is important.


  • Install a security app

There are a multitude of applications that are designed to protect a mobile device. Many of these apps are antivirus programs that can protect a mobile device from malware and malicious programs. Others are designed to deactivate the features of a mobile device when it has been compromised.


These are simple things you can do to protect your mobile device and yourself. Most security precautions only require minutes of your time and they could prevent many problems you would encounter if you chose not to protect yourself.

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