Mobile Security Doesn’t Have to be Hard

mobile security

In a world where mobile technology is considered an integral part of society, ensuring that mobile devices are secure is a practice that often falls by the wayside. Smartphones and tablets contain a wealth of information that is actually quite valuable, but relatively little is being done to make sure this information is protected from exploitation. Businesses that offer mobile services do what they can to protect their customers, but people may have to take their own security more seriously if they want to ensure their digital safety. The digital…

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Report shows mobile payments open consumers to fraud risk

Future of Mobile Payments

According to study results from Gartner research company, Neural Technologies, and others, mobile payments will expose consumers to a significant risk of fraud. That said, mobile payment remains among the most rapidly growing and exciting new technological developments, and it is expected to take off in the very near future. In fact, according to the predictions of Gartner, by 2014, the worldwide value of mobile payment services will be $245 billion. However, along with the growth of the use of the service, the risk of fraud will also rise. It…

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