Mobile payments partnership formed between Smartlink and Tagit

mobile payments partnership deal

These two companies have joined together for a Vietnamese smartphone banking service.

Tagit, a smartphone banking provider based in Singapore, has just announced that it has entered into a partnership for mobile payments with Smartlink, a payment switch operator from Vietnam.

This new offering is geared toward allowing bank with a membership to offer smartphone services.

According to the Tagit president and head of business development, Navtej Singh, “This is an important milestone for Tagit as we introduce our aggregated service, which will expand the user base on Tagit’s mobile platform and expand our presence in the region.” According to the company, it hopes that the partnership will offer mobile payments services that member banks will be able to provide to their customers in a cost effective way.

Singh explained that the mobile payments switch network partnership will provide a solid banking payments partnership deal

By partnering with the Smartlink mobile payments switch network, the mbanking platform from Tagit is able to rapidly become available to all of the other member banks on the network, according to Singh. This will mean that the services will become available to more than 40 million bank card holders, in addition to 120 smartphone and tablet users in Vietnam.

This new aggregated mobile payments and banking service will open up a number or doors to the banks and the consumers throughout the country, who have not had this type of capability before.

The customers of the banks who will have these mobile payments services available, will be able to use their smartphones to access the Vietcombank system, where they can check their balances and make transfers within the system, as well as pay their bills and prepay wireless services. It will allow them to perform many of the tasks that they had previously had available only at the bank location, itself, ATMs, or over desktop computers.

This mobile payments app will be supported by all of the networks in the country and is compatible with each of the major smartphone and tablet operating systems, including Google’s Android and iOS devices from Apple. If this catches on among consumers it could revolutionize the banking industry in Vietnam.

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