Mobile Money Network announces its mobile checkout, Simply Tap

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The Mobile Money Network has announced the launch of its Simply Tap instant mobile checkout service.

Best Buy Europe and Carphone Warehouse are among the first retailers who have gone live with the new Simply Tap mobile payment service that allows customers to shop and make purchases using their mobile devices. The experience involves being able to use a mobile device to make a purchase directly from an ad, website, direct marketing, or buyer’s guide.

Other retailers include, Goldsmiths, and Thorntons, in addition to and Pretty Green. Mobile Money Network hopes to work with these companies in order to learn about the usage behaviors of consumers who use the mobile checkout. They hope that this technology will change the way consumers use their mobile devices.

The Mobile Money Network has announced that there will also be additional retail partners over the upcoming weeks and months.

In order to celebrate the Simply Tap launch, the Mobile Money Network has added an additional incentive by offering £10 cash-back for their first purchase of any of a number of products from the various retailers, when the mobile checkout service is used for that purchase.

A seven-figure marketing campaign has kicked off in conjunction with the product launch, and it will span digital and social channels with marketing support across the country from Carphone Warehouse.

Furthermore, from the very start, Simply Tap users will be provided with exclusive access to discount product and service offers by way of the mobile checkout service’s app.

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