Mobile commerce reaches new heights globally

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New report from Criteo shows that mobile shopping is more than just a passing fancy

Criteo, a performance marketing technology firm, has released the latest edition of its Mobile Commerce Report. The report highlights the results seen in the mobile sector during the fourth quarter of 2014, showcasing emerging trends and addressing consumer shopping behavior. The report has found that mobile now accounts for a large portion of online transactions, especially in parts of the world where mobile technology penetration is high, such as the United States.

Mobile now accounts for 30% of all e-commerce transactions made worldwide

According to the report, mobile now accounts for 30% of all e-commerce transactions made throughout the world. In the United States alone, mobile represents 27% of e-commerce transactions. The report predicts that mobile commerce will become a much more powerful force in the retail world than it already is, especially as more consumers begin gravitating toward mobile shopping applications and other such services.

Report aims to provide a clear view of the mobile market

mobile commerce shoppingCriteo notes that there is a significant lack of information concerning the mobile commerce sector. This has lead some research firms and analysts to underestimate its potential. Criteo has worked to provide a clear view of the current mobile market with its report, which is based on data comprised of billions of transactions made throughout the world. The report notes that the mobile devices are not primarily used for making actual purchases whereas, in the past, they had been used primarily as product research platforms.

Consumers are becoming comfortable with mobile shopping

The report shows that consumers are becoming very comfortable with purchasing products from their mobile devices. As such, more people are beginning to shop from their smartphones and tablets. This may be causing some trouble for advertisers, as many have had to adapt to changes inc consumer shopping behavior. For retailers, the growth of the mobile sector has created numerous opportunities, many of which have not yet been taken advantage of. In the coming years, most retailers are likely to embrace mobile commerce, offering some degree of support for mobile shoppers and transactions.

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