Mobile commerce may present an adapt-or-die scenario to businesses

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Firm suggests that change-resistant businesses could face obsolescence

The business landscape is changing as new technologies enter the field. NFC technology, in particular, is beginning to have a profound impact on the world of business by making new mobile commerce systems available. The advent of mobile commerce may have profound implications for society as a whole and may one day mean that consumers will no longer have need of physical currency. While such a future may be somewhat distant, professional services firm Deloitte Digital believes that companies must adapt to trends in the mobile commerce industry or risk becoming obsolete.

Consumer friendly mobile commerce services may solidify the future of some companies

Deloitte has released a report that touches upon the various aspects of mobile commerce and NFC technology. In the report, the firm claims that businesses must adopt a “customer first” mentality in regards to mobile commerce. If these companies fail to recognize the importance mobile commerce is beginning to play in the lives of consumers, they may be left behind as industries begin to change.

Tech-savvy companies may become stronger competitors in their industry

The report, titled The Future of Exchanging Value – Uncovering New Ways of Spending, examines new payment solutions and businesses models that have begun to emerge due to the advent of new technologies and mobile commerce. Deloitte suggests that businesses that are eager to adopt new payment solutions and technologies will be well suited for the competition that is expected to emerge in their given industry in the coming years. These companies may manage to beat out their competitors as well, if they can provide services that are consumer friendly.

Future of mobile commerce uncertain, but Deloitte offers predictions

Deloitte notes that the ultimate future of mobile commerce is uncertain. Exactly how the future will unfold for the worlds of technology and commerce is impossible to accurately predict, but Deloitte believes that companies that are resistant to change will not fare well in the future, whatever it may be.

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