Study shows retailers are struggling to embrace mobile payments

mobile payments technology

Retailers are falling short when it comes to mobile commerce and engaging mobile consumers Deloitte Digital, a leading digital consulting firm, has released a new study focused on the mobile commerce sector. The study highlights the relationship that retailers have with mobile commerce and what they are doing to engage consumers in the mobile space. A growing number of consumers are embracing the concept of mobile payments, turning to their smartphones and tablets to get their shopping done. Retailers are working to accommodate the needs of these consumers, but many…

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Mobile commerce may present an adapt-or-die scenario to businesses

Mobile Commerce

Firm suggests that change-resistant businesses could face obsolescence The business landscape is changing as new technologies enter the field. NFC technology, in particular, is beginning to have a profound impact on the world of business by making new mobile commerce systems available. The advent of mobile commerce may have profound implications for society as a whole and may one day mean that consumers will no longer have need of physical currency. While such a future may be somewhat distant, professional services firm Deloitte Digital believes that companies must adapt to trends…

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