Augmented reality game launched by Alife Studios and WowWee

Augmented reality video

Elite CommandAR aims to provide gamers with an interactive experience

Alife Studios, a subsidiary of Artificial Life Inc., has announced its partnership with WowWee Group Limited, a developer of high-tech robotics, to launch a new mobile application called “Elite CommandAR.” As the name of the application suggests, it makes use of augmented reality to provide consumers access to engaging digital experiences. The application is designed to interface with a physical toy that has been designed by WowWee. The application is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Application to include augmented reality in the future

Currently, the application does not include augmented reality support. Alife Studios plans to introduce augmented reality into the application over time as well as enable a cooperative multiplayer mode for it. The toy gun associated with the application will be used to play a number of games and complete challenges imposed on users of the Elite CommandAR application.

Application turns real world into a game

Augmented reality has begun to play a serious role in entertainment and gaming. The technology is capable of providing consumers with a new kind of interactive experience, one that they can witness in the real world. The Elite CommandAR application, in particular, will utilize augmented reality to propel users into a science-fiction world where they are charged to save the planet and the remainder of the human species. The game unfolds in a virtual environment that is superimposed on the physical surroundings of the player.

Augmented reality and gaming may go hand-in-hand

Augmented reality games are beginning to receive attention from big-name game developers, but the technology is most commonly used in the mobile sector. Augmented reality is well suited for mobile gaming, as it allows consumers to experience their environment in a new way and participate in games and activities that would otherwise be invisible to them. Augmented reality is expected to continue showing up in the world of mobile gaming as more consumers become familiar with the technology.

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