Mobile commerce industry showing staggering growth


Mobile Commerce

New report highlights the growth of mobile commerce

Affiliate Window, a firm providing a wide range of services to the marketing industry, has released a new report concerning the growth of the mobile commerce industry. The report suggests that mobile commerce is growing at a staggering pace, exceeding some of the predictions made about the industry over the past two years. The pace at which mobile commerce is expanding is exposing more consumers to the industry and making them more comfortable with making mobile payments. This trend is expected to continue for some time.

Comfort with mobile devices making consumers more accommodating of mobile commerce

The report notes that consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile devices. These devices are used to conduct a wide range of activities that consumers consider important to their daily lives. As this becomes more commonplace, consumers are likely to become more comfortable with the prospect of using their mobile devices to make purchases of goods and services.


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Report shows that iPad dominates in terms of mobile sales and browsing

According to the report, mobile sales rose by 7% and traffic increased by 12% in April 2012 over the levels they had been in the previous year. Apple’s iPad has become a popular platform for mobile shopping and browsing, accounting for 55% of all mobile sales conducted thus far in 2012.The iPhone follows closely behind with 29% market share, and Android accounting for 11% of the market. The report shows that the majority of mobile traffic appears to be in the fashion retail sector.

Safety continues to be a series issue

The mobile commerce industry is growing despite fears regarding the security of mobile payments. Many of the security concerns that are rife in the burgeoning industry are focused on NFC technology, which has, thus far, been a strong foundation for the industry. Security enthusiasts are calling into question whether NFC technology is safe enough to use. Despite concerns, the mobile commerce industry has not shown any signs of abandoning NFC technology, opting instead to bolster the security features of the technology.

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