Mayo Clinic Health app support now available to iPhone users

Health app - Stethoscope - iPhone

The respected health institution has added itself to a growing list to add support for the Apple feature.

Mayo Clinic patients who have an iPhone can now use the Apple Health app to access their medical data on their phones.

The medical institution used a press release to announce its support for the Apple feature.

In the release, the Mayo Clinic explained that it was adding its support for the Health app on iPhones, so that people could use their Health Records feature. Patients will now be able to use their iPhones to access their health data from that and several other medical providers.

The Apple feature “can be helpful for accessing records and tracking daily fitness and diet” and that the clinic intends to make the feature “as secure and transparent as possible, with patients in control of what they choose to share,” said Mayo Clinic Center for Digital Health Medical Director of Experience Products, Steve Ommen, M.D.

The support for the Health App provides patients with a new way to engage with their medical care.

According to Dr. Ommen, this provides yet another way to make it possible for patients “to be actively engaged in their health care.” He went on to point out that applications can be particularly helpful in tracking features such as diet and daily fitness, as well as accessing medical records from a health institution. “We want patients who are interested in these apps to be able to use them securely and enhance their health care at Mayo Clinic.”

Ommen also underscored the importance of providing patients with the convenience and ease of access to electronic health records that they seek. Health care providers will be able to offer these types of features to an increasing degree for their patients. “Our goal is to make the process as secure and transparent as possible, with patients in control of what they choose to share.”

Apple’s Health Records feature makes it possible for iPhone users of the Health app to be able to access their medical data and to share it with their healthcare Health app - Stethoscope - iPhoneproviders if they’d like to. Overall, it is meant to bring all possible health data into a single central location. This can help patients to be able to better understand their health so that they can inform themselves and make decisions on their own behalf.

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