Google Gemini rolls out to several regions outside United States

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The updated artificial intelligence app is already in India, Germany and other countries.

Bard has undergone a massive rebranding to Google Gemini, and after weeks of build-up to the change, the official updates started rolling out earlier this month, starting in the United States.

Simultaneously, the mobile app under the same name started to be rolled out to replace Assistant.

A larger Google Gemini Advanced model was also announced at the same time, available with the company’s OneAI Premium Plan for $20 per month. That said, the new artificial intelligence application was available only in the United States at first launch. Anyone from other countries who tried to access it had been receiving a geo-block error. That said, there are now users in Europe and Asia that have been able to access it and are starting to try it out.

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Google has been promising that it wouldn’t take long before it started rolling out the new AI application to other regions. That said, a specific list of locations or times was not provided. Still, users in countries in a number of places around the world have started reporting that they have gained access and are trying Google Gemini out for the first time.

Before the Google Gemini mobile app was available outside the US, some users were sideloading the APK.

That said, the sideloaded APK was only successful in very rare circumstances, even when VPNs were used. It was only over the weekend that users in parts of Europe and Asia started to have widespread luck in obtaining access, particularly over direct routes.

Jack Krawczyk, the product lead for the artificial intelligence app said that North America, the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and Africa would be some of the areas that could expect to gain support for the app next.

Restrictions were placed on the newly updated version of the mobile AI app based on geography only upon its initial launch. This applied only to the mobile app version of the technology. The web-based version of Google Gemini was already available worldwide for users to try.

The AI update is among the most significant additions Android has made to its features in recent years. That said, it remains an “experimental AI assistant,” according to its official branding and still has a few imperfections to work out with time. For instance, before it can fully replace Assistant, it will need certain features such as setting reminders and creating new tasks to be available.

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