French airport to trail new NFC system this summer

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Mobile technology

Airport adopts NFC technology to streamline its procedures

The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in France has announced that it will be trialing a new NFC-based system that will be used to modernize the airport’s passenger services. The airport plans to use the new system to allow travelers to pass through its checking and control method using nothing more than a mobile device. Approximately 50 passengers will be selected to participate in the pilot project. These participants will be given NFC-enabled BlackBerry smart phones in order to effectively test the airport’s NFC system.

Participants in the trial to be equipped with BlackBerry NFC devices

These BlackBerry smart phones will be able to communicate with other NFC-enabled devices. Information can be transmitted wirelessly in this way. This seamless data transfer has been causing a bit of a stir in the technology world as well as the marketing industry. In marketing, NFC has been gaining traction as it allows businesses to reach out to consumers with mobile devices. The technology has also been gaining attention for its uses in mobile commerce.

Airport touts the system’s security and usability

The Toulouse-Blagnac Airport plans to run the test project through the summer. Airport officials note that the system is extremely secure and is not meant to interfere with a passenger’s travel in any way. The NFC system can be used even when a mobile device is powered off and the system will not meet with any failures due to problems with the mobile device itself. An NFC-enabled mobile device is needed for the system to work, however.

Rarity of NFC-enabled devices may cause problems for the system

Though the airport believes that its NFC system will be an effective way to streamline its checking and control procedures, the availability of NFC-enabled devices is still quite rare. While many telecommunications companies have been developing these devices, few of these companies have successfully released these products to the commercial market. Until the market becomes saturated with these devices, NFC may not be able to attain the popularity it may be due.

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