Nintendo announces first Mario Tennis Open QR code game in North America

North American Mario Tennis Open QR Code

North American Mario Tennis Open QR Code

A huge hunt for Yoshi will up the ante among players and fans.

The first QR code game from Nintendo has been released in order to unlock a new black Yoshi costume for the player’s Mii in the North American Mario Tennis Open.

These region specific barcodes are now available in preparation for the Open, starting May 25th.

The black Yoshi is only the first of several that will be released over the upcoming days, so players and fans are being advised to keep their eyes peeled for the QR code game square to be scanned.

In order to unlock the costume, access the Profile Select screen and press the Start button and up on the Nintendo DS D-pad simultaneously. Then, scan the square two dimensional barcode that becomes available on the page, and the costume will become available for each existing profile.

Though regions other than North America will also have these codes available, the will apparently work only within their own specific regions and will not function across one to the next.

In total, there will be seven different colored Yoshis to be unlocked in a hunt entitled The Yoshi Chase.

Each of the QR code game Yoshis will be released in a different manner, so it won’t necessarily be easy for the players to find them. The black one will be found only on May 25th and May 26th at the 30 Asda stores from 9:30am through 5:30pm. It is also known that other colors released on later dates will consist of blue, white, and red Yoshis. If they are missed, they won’t become available again, as it is an exclusive unlocking offer to those who can keep up.

The Mario Tennis Open is an arcade style game featuring that Nintendo character favorite. It’s possible to play in single player and double player modes and matches can be singles or doubles. There are also a number of additional options to play including Ring Shot, Galaxy Rally, and standard Super Mario Tennis. The QR code game offer is available for the Open alone, but who knows what other opportunities will occur in the future.


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