Event in Washington, DC, aims to explore the changing field of mobile payments

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Event will focus on the convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, and mobile commerce

Experts in the financial services industry will flock to Washington, D.C. in September of this year in order to take part in an event aimed at exploring the convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, and mobile payments. The event will feature some 40 speakers representing groups like the Bitcoin Investment Trust, RoboCoin, MasterCard, and Verifone. Several attorneys and representatives of the federal government will also attend the event, aiming to establish a better understanding of the payments industry.

Digital currency may play a major role in mobile commerce

Mobile payments are becoming more common throughout the U.S., especially as large telecommunications companies and financial service firms become more involved in the mobile space. These companies have seen a great deal of promise in mobile commerce, but some have fallen prey to the risks that exist within the emerging sector. Exactly how mobile commerce works alongside Bitcoin is also a subject of interest, as digital currency could potential have a major role to play in the future of a commerce landscape that is becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technology.

ATMs may need to become more mobile-centric in the future

mobile payments moneyHow mobile devices interact with ATMs is also a matter that will be discussed during the event this year. ATMs are a well used financial service, but they do not typically have features that can be accessed by smartphones and tablets. As mobile commerce becomes more prominent, the need to make ATMs more mobile friendly is beginning to gain more attention. Experts in the payments industry believe that ATMs becoming more accommodating of mobile consumers is simply a natural step in the continued evolution of the commerce field, but introducing new technology to ATMs that will make them more mobile-centric could be a costly endeavor.

Event to examine legal issues facing the mobile commerce space

The event will also touch upon legal issues that exist in the mobile commerce field. Many of these issues have to do with the security of payments platforms that are used by businesses and consumers alike. These platforms deal in the trafficking of a massive amount of financial information, but many of these platforms are not equipped with comprehensive security technology and software, making them attractive targets for malicious groups that wish to exploit financial information.

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