Social media marketing campaigns for some cancers are designed to grab attention

canadian cancer society nutiquette social media marketing

Awareness is now being achieved through the use of much edgier and racier videos to ensure they’re seen.

The Canadian Cancer Society has launched a new social media marketing campaign that it has designed to make a considerable splash in order to help to promote awareness of how to self check for breast and testicular cancers.

The online video series has the amusing yet racy name of the Nutiquette campaign.

Understanding that there is no shortage of videos online, the Canadian Cancer Society’s own social media marketing campaign would need to stand out in a splashy way so that it would stand out from among the rest. The YouTube video to for testicular cancer involved a man with a guitar who sang the various steps that a man should take in order to check himself.

The organization has had the desired impact through its naughty social media marketing campaign.

The shock value was exactly the goal of the videos, as this is what has allowed them to generate a buzz. That said, whether or not it will actually have the desired impact of encouraging people to check themselves for the disease has yet to be known, as that is more of a long term impact. Equally, it has every opportunity of spreading its intended message because the short term impact – that is, of viewership and attention grabbing – has been highly successful, so far.

While the videos are designed to be shocking and entertaining, they are also intended to educate people so that viewers would know how to check themselves. This takes a very careful balance between keeping a viewer’s attention and expressing a very serious message that must encourage the individual to take action and keep up a regular habit.

Social media marketing is playing a growing role in campaigns for both awareness and for drawing donations from the public. There have been a number of recent campaigns that have expanded and spread through hastags, such as the exceptionally popular #nomakeupselfie, but in this particular case, the Canadian Cancer Society chose to take the route of amusing yet educational videos, in the hopes that people would enjoy them and be shocked enough by them that they would share them with their friends.

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