3 Best Selling UV Wands Compared

best uv wands

Discover the features in these popular products and understand why other consumers prefer them. Just in time for Black Friday and a hot buy 1 get 1 free deal, we’ve created a comparison of 3 best selling UV wands.  Amid the pandemic and as cold and flu season begins, these have become top gift list items. All these best selling UV wands are sold on Amazon with free shipping and the applicable coupon code.  They were all leading products on Prime Day and are already being snatched up as the…

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Donation meter QR codes make digital contributions easier in Lynchburg

Donation meter QR codes - Image of parking meter

The downtown region of the Virginia community is making it simpler for locals to support non-profits. The community of Lynchburg, Virginia, now has a new opportunity to support non-profits in the area through donation meter QR codes. These “caring meters” look like traditional parking meters but serve an entirely different purpose. The donation meter QR codes provide the opportunity to support those non-profits even without loose change. The “Change for Change” initiative was created to give locals the opportunity to use their loose change to make donations to these organizations.…

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