3 Best Selling UV Wands Compared

best uv wands

Discover the features in these popular products and understand why other consumers prefer them.

Just in time for Black Friday and a hot buy 1 get 1 free deal, we’ve created a comparison of 3 best selling UV wands. 

Amid the pandemic and as cold and flu season begins, these have become top gift list items.

All these best selling UV wands are sold on Amazon with free shipping and the applicable coupon code.  They were all leading products on Prime Day and are already being snatched up as the holiday shopping season begins early this year.

Consider the following 3 best UV wands and the features that make them so appealing.

ultraviolet sterilizer


Ultraviolet Sterilizer

  • Pro: Features a large light panel that has 18 LED pieces to provide a large sterilization areas. Perfect for commercial UVC Wand Lightuse such as restaurants, hair salons and other similar spaces.
  • Pro: Longer life LED UV with nearly 3 times more life than UV Bulb. As it does not contain mercury, it is more environmentally friendly.
  • Pro: More affordable than others with a similar strength rating at $64 when compared to $89 or even $139 rivals.
  • Pro: Has a gravity sensor, which is an important and favorite safety feature that shuts off automatically if it flips over, stopping it from accidentally shining in the eyes.
  • Pro: Substantial 2000 mAh rechargeable battery with C type charger that can be plugged in from any direction.
  • Con: Does not fold for convenient storage and carrying. That said, it does have a slim paddle design that easily fits into a bag or suitcase.

germ reaper

The Germ Reaper

  • Pro: Affordable price at only $49.
  • Pro: Has a sturdy and substantial feel.
  • Pro: Features a medium-size UV light window with a Double UV bulb which is ideal for disinfecting smaller items such as a phone or keys.
  • Pro: Makes a loud sound when the button is pushed so you always know when it has been turned on.
  • Con: Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). This helps to explain its weight and low price.
  • Con: Not foldable.
  • Con: Does not feature a gravity safety sensor.

uv wand sterilizer phone cleaner

Go Daily Shopper Travel Wand

  • Pro: Very low price made all the better with the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale (coupon code: BLKFRIDY22). Extremely appealing, particularly at this price point.To use the coupon code, simply add two of the desired products to the cart and use coupon code BLKFRIDY22 at checkout. The discount is applied at that point.
  • Pro: Lightweight, making it perfect for travel or even commuting.
  • Pro: Rechargeable battery
  • Pro: Double UV germicidal bulb.
  • Pro: Simple and straightforward to use for smaller items like a phone, keys, keyboard, etc.
  • Con: Not foldable.
  • Con: No gravity safety sensor

Each of these best selling UV wands are EPA certified with a 99% rating. When used with traditional recommended cleaning, this chemical-free solution makes it easier to keep items or spaces safe and sanitize.  The advanced UV-C technology allows these wands to kill bacteria and viruses such as H1N1, MRSA, Ebola and so on by damaging their DNA.  With the holidays ahead, these products can add an important safety step to the travel and flu season.

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