Cloud computing comes to the Shaderlight platform from Limitless Computing

Cloud Computing augmented reality

Cloud Computing

Shaderlight receives update to enable cloud computing

Limitless Computing, an augmented reality developer, has announced that users of its Shaderlight platform will be able to benefit from the use of cloud computing. The Shaderlight platform is an interactive rendering plug-in for the SketchUp, a 3D modeling program. Shaderlight will be the first platform of its kind to make use of cloud computing, which may help users break new ground in the projects that utilize SketchUp. By combining augmented reality with cloud computing, Limitless Computing may be able to provide consumers with the ability to produce more dynamic content.

Cloud computing may make working with SketchUp more efficient

According to Limitless Computing, the use of cloud computing will enable SketchUp users to work more efficiently and reduce the costs associated with their projects. By enabling the cloud computing option, a user’s computer will no longer be handling the work load associated with SketchUp and Shaderlight. Those with limited or outdated hardware may find particular benefit in cloud computing as it will free them from the restrictions imposed by hardware.


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Businesses could benefit from the use of a cloud network

Cloud computing is the use of off-site computer servers that can be accessed remotely. This method of computing is growing in popularity in the world of business due to its powerful capabilities and energy efficiency. Limitless Computing believes that using a cloud network could help various industries attain higher levels of efficiency and production.

Limitless Computing notes future of computers may be dominated by mobile platforms

Limitless Computing notes that the availability of high-powered computers may be dwindling as the world grows more accommodating of mobile technology. As such, it is becoming more important to make low-powered computers capable of handling the needs of consumers. Cloud computing may be able to accomplish this task, though consumers have yet to be exposed to the concept en masse.


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