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The “AI Agent” was designed to provide home and pet monitoring to its owners.

LG has unveiled its new artificial intelligence robot called the “AI Agent”, which can greet its owner at the door, provide home and pet monitoring, and even conduct an analysis of an individual’s mood.

The product was first announced ahead of CES 2024, calling it an “all-around home manager and companion.”

This artificial intelligence robot is mainly designed for home and pet monitoring but has other features as well. According to LG, it will be expressive and will be able to interact with its users by way of image recognition and voice commands. To function in this way, it has both speakers and a camera. Those components will also make it possible for the AI gadget to greet users by playing music to them when they get home. The music selection will be based on an analysis of the individual’s mood when they walk in the door.

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Interestingly, the AI Agent runs on two legs. When it operates, it moves around on “two legs” with wheels instead of feet. This makes it look more like a traditional robot than many other devices that have been developed until now.

The artificial intelligence robot will be able to control a number of smart home devices as well.

As a “moving smart home hub,” as described by LG, the gadget will also be able to connect to smart devices throughout the home and will be able to control them. It “connects and controls smart home appliances and household IoT devices,” said a description from LG.

Initial reactions to the unveiling of this device have been mixed. While some find it cute and appealing, others find it creepy and dystopian. What has yet to be made clear is why a hub for smart devices throughout the home should need to be able to travel around.

The advantage of the independent mobility of the artificial intelligence device has not yet been described. That said, some responses to the gadget have already pointed out that it could be problematic for pet owners or may simply have issues remaining effective if it happens to tip over for some reason.

Still, it is important to remember that this artificial intelligence robot is a product that is being unveiled at CES. Many of the gadgets and technologies that are put on display during this event are never released to the public or undergo a large spectrum of changes before they do. If anything, it can certainly be said that AI Agent has been attracting notable attention and curiosity from attendees.

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