Alibaba’s mobile commerce endeavors may benefit from new merger

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Company forms new department to handle mergers with other businesses

China’s e-commerce behemoth Alibaba has established a new department, which is responsible for the integration of businesses involving the mobile browser, search, and gaming services. This department will take care of the mergers that Alibaba is looking to make with other companies that exist in the mobile space. The first such company is UCWeb, which is a prominent mobile Internet browser company. By teaming with UCWeb, Alibaba is expected to further solidify its growing dominance of the mobile space.

UCWeb aims to work with Alibaba in order to restructure mobile Internet industry

According to UCWeb, its partnership with Alibaba represents a major step in restructuring the mobile Internet of China. The company will be able to access Alibaba’s e-commerce services as well as its cloud computing and big data technologies. Alibaba will be able to leverage UCWeb’s mobile services in order to bring about significant changes to its own structure, allowing the company to engage mobile consumers in a new and effective manner.

UCWeb could be a powerful ally in the fight for mobile dominance

mobile commerce asia pacificUCWeb is the name behind the popular UC Browser, which is used by some 500 million people worldwide. The company also boasts of its own mobile gaming platform, which has generated some $48.3 million in profits for its partners last year. The platform currently boasts of 60 million monthly users whom regularly play more than 1,000 mobile games.

Success of partnership may depend on the business acumen of Alibaba’s new department

Alibaba has a strong interest in mobile commerce, but the focusing on other mobile services is also important for Alibaba’s continued mobile dominance. By partnering with UCWeb, Alibaba may be able to meet some of the demand for new and effective services coming from mobile consumers. These consumers are eager to use mobile services that are both convenient and take into consideration their entertainment and the value of their time. UCWeb notes that its work with Alibaba will largely depend on how well Alibaba’s new department can function as a businesses and how much this department will allow its partnered businesses to operate.

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