5 Reasons We Pay for Mobile Apps When There Are Free Versions

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You probably have tons of mobile apps on your smartphone or tablet that you use on a regular basis. There are always more free apps available that you can download onto your device, yet we still find the need to pay for apps. There are several reasons why we pay for apps when we can get so many of them for free. Here are five reasons why we still pay for apps.


Let’s face it: We have no idea where some of the free apps come from. We may think we know, but do we really? If the site is suspicious, there could be malware problems with it that can cause your device to be severely damaged or hacked. Therefore, it’s better to stick with paid apps we know we can trust.

Bad Reviews

If you’re the type of person who checks reviews religiously before downloading anything, you may find that there are more bad reviews of free apps than apps you pay for. This could be because so many people are taking advantage of them simply because they are free, and not because they really need them. However, if you base your app buying strictly on these reviews, then chances are you’re going to stay away from a lot of the free ones that have bad reviews and could potentially harm your device.

Dangeriphone mobile apps

Some free apps have a locator attached to them which tells the seller exactly where you’re device is located when you’re using the app. This can be very harmful and dangerous. You need to be very careful when downloading free apps to make sure the locator is not installed on your device as well. Other potential problems include unknowingly giving your device’s information to the seller, providing access to your data stored on the device, and downloading free apps that haven’t been tested yet.

Protecting Your Business

In today’s world, devices are used so much for business that some businesses are providing them to their employees. Known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), an employee-owned smartphone is  just one such device that is vulnerable to the dangers of free apps. It’s safer for these businesses to use paid apps that they know they can trust rather than taking risks by downloading free apps to their employees’ devices.

It’s Only 99 Cents

Most of the apps that we do purchase are only 99 cents. You can find inexpensive apps from known and established developers that can be trusted. It’s more cost effective, not to mention safer, to pay 99 cents per app rather than risk losing hundreds of dollars if something happens to our devices because of a harmful free app.

There are several reasons why it’s safer to pay for apps than to download free versions. Although some free versions may be safe to use, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Writer Bio: Shaun Chatman is a freelance writer by night and a gym trainer in the day. Happily married and a father of two gregarious kids, Shaun lives in Dunedin, FL, and spends his free time playing with his kids or watching or playing sports

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