ʻSmartʼ cellphone-skins open new ways for mobile data exchange and device customization

Yumskins Video

With the ability to scan and transfer data from skin to skin, the QR code embedded Yumskins provide a new way for users to interact with each other.

All-in-one solution:
The self-adhesive, splash-shielded skins come in silver, holographic and gold. Users can choose or make own designs online, preview skins in Augmented reality (AR), embed QR codes into designs and finally print them on any inkjet printer. The QR codes can store URLs, social media information, vCards or plain text. A QR and AR recognition technology based audio, video and game exchange service is to follow in short.

Open stage
Yumskins turn everyoneʼs phone into a canvas and everybody into an artist. With only few mouse clicks users can publish photos, illustrations, designs and ideas to share and print on printable skins. On top of a global online exhibition hall, publishers gain $1.- each time their designs are printed by another user.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


”We know weʼre on to something exciting here. In blending complementary technologies, weʼve created an interesting mix of possibilities. Thereʼs no limit to where the users can take this. Itʼs real fun. I guess it wonʼt take long before brands and other businesses discover how it can serve them. Our top priority now is to make the product available globally. Actually weʼve just started taking pre- orders on IndieGoGo for the first production batch.
Simon Lee, SkinStars CEO and skin business veteran.

QR Code on Phone”I think the reason why QR codes have never taken off big time is because the user was always put in a ʼconsumingʻ role. Itʼs all more or less about advertising and informing. I strongly believe this will change once we give people the ability to use this technology to interact with others in a smart way. Itʼs like saying ʼPower to the Peopleʻ. This is consistent with the way we build our company – crowd sourcing is a big issue at SkinStar. Gregor Moss, SkinStars CEO and skin business veteran.

Contact Information:
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Skype: uncholl.simon.lee
Tel: Europe+31.610.470.113

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