Times Internet Alive application reaches 250,000 downloads at launch

Augmented Reality app
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Augmented Reality  app times internetTimes Internet uses augmented reality to engage consumers

Time Internet Ltd., the digital media branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co., recently launched its Alive augmented reality application. The application is meant to bring more dynamic content to the company‘s print media. According to Times Internet, the application was downloaded 250,000 times on the very first day of its launch, making Alive one of the more successful augmented reality applications currently on the market. The successful launch of the Alive application may provide further evidence that augmented reality has the capability of revitalizing offline content.

Interactive technology may help the print industry

Augmented reality is a highly interactive technology, allowing users to experience a wide range of digital content through their mobile devices. This technology has become quite famous in advertising and entertainment because of its interactivity and is used in a vast assortment of mobile applications. For the print industry, augmented reality may be just the tool to help recover the flagging interests of tech-savvy consumers. Times Internet suggests that providing these consumers with access to digital content will encourage them to participate in physical media.


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Times Internet registers over 300,000 interactions on launch day

Times Internet claims that the Alive augmented reality mobile application saw more than 300,000 interactions on the day of its launch. The application saw a great deal of attraction in the news space, where it was used with Times Internet newspapers in order to unlock digital content for readers. Times Internet has major plans for augmented reality in the future and believes that the technology may help the company compete against the digital platforms that are becoming much more popular among consumers.

Augmented reality may help flagging print industry

There is some irony in the concept that augmented reality may be able to help save the print industry, as technology was the thing that led to its modest downfall. While the print industry is still formidable, it has suffered a major blow in the advent of mobile technology. If the industry can make use of technology to engage consumers on a level they have become more comfortable with, the industry may be able to recover some of the clout it has lost over the years.

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