Times Internet Alive application reaches 250,000 downloads at launch

Augmented Reality app

Times Internet uses augmented reality to engage consumers Time Internet Ltd., the digital media branch of Bennett, Coleman & Co., recently launched its Alive augmented reality application. The application is meant to bring more dynamic content to the company‘s print media. According to Times Internet, the application was downloaded 250,000 times on the very first day of its launch, making Alive one of the more successful augmented reality applications currently on the market. The successful launch of the Alive application may provide further evidence that augmented reality has the capability…

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Layar challenges developers to revitalize print industry through use of augmented reality

Layar AR Browser

In a world growing increasingly enamored with all things digital, the publishing industry has begun falling behind. While print still holds a treasured place in the hearts of an older generation, younger people are not convinced of the value of published works. The new generation believes that technology is the only viable form of media, claiming that print has little place in a digital era. Layar, pioneers of augmented reality, however, is not willing to let the publishing industry slide into obscurity. Layar is well known for its development of…

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