Augmented reality application from Amazon boosts live scanning capabilities

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Amazon augmented reality appThe Flow AR app for Android devices provides the ability for multiple products and text to be scanned.

Amazon’s Flow augmented reality app functions by hovering the mobile device camera feature over a product, such as a Blu-ray or a book, so that the online retailer can retrieve that item’s information.

The A9 subsidiary of Amazon has said that the new Android version of flow has much greater capabilities.

For example, its augmented reality app version is based on a much faster system that is capable of scanning several items at one time. Furthermore, it can tell the difference between similar sounding items, and can provide multiple product comparisons in order to help users to find the best item at the lowest price.

The camera view isn’t just for augmented reality but also detects text.

The Flow augmented reality app for Android devices has a new element to its camera view that allows for text recognition. Therefore, it can not only identify various products through the camera, but it can also detect web addresses, phone numbers, and text blocks of various sizes. This can allow a click to call feature to be used, the website to be visited, or the text on that has been detected can be copied into the clipboard of the device.

The various features of this augmented reality application are designed to make Flow a highly powerful tool that goes above and beyond simply scanning products. Though retrieving Amazon product listings and user reviews is a part of it, it has expanded on its features to help the user to find the items in other locations or stores for an extensive comparison shopping experience that is quick, easy, and convenient. This latest version can also move beyond merely placing an order for a product.

The augmented reality Flow app is able to scan QR codes and UPC barcodes, as well as capture text and snap photos of products. It is currently available for devices that have Android 2.3.3 or later and can be found in two official locations for download. This use of the technology could change the way that mcommerce app developers apply it to the shopping experience.

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