Mobile marketing campaign started by Colgate-Palmolive

mobile marketing colgate palmolive

The company is using SMS to help Americans to learn more about oral health and proper care. Colgate-Palmolive has just announced that it has entered into a new mobile marketing partnership with the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) in order to launch the toothpaste and oral health product company’s “Oral Health Month” campaign, this year. This campaign will be geared toward providing Hispanic Americans with more information. Starting today and running for the length of July, this mobile marketing campaign will be used to help families with a Hispanic American background…

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Mobile marketing introduced in new Toys ‘R’ Us campaign

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

This massive toy store has recognized that its customers are smartphone carriers and this is an important opportunity. Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed that it is moving to the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, with a new mobile marketing campaign that will use techniques such as smartphone coupons that will include barcodes that can be scanned at the point of sale in order to allow shoppers to obtain discounts. The company is also running campaigns in a top American magazine to gain tremendous exposure. The toy store will…

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Mobile marketing campaign at Amazon gives money away

Mobile Marketing ROI

Kindle Fire tablet users are being encouraged to use Amazon Coins virtual currency for apps. Amazon coins have just been launched as a brand new form of online currency meant exclusively for use through the apps at the Amazon Appstore and the company has started a mobile marketing promotion for users of the Kindle Fire tablets that will give them free digital money. The currency can only be used by Kindle Fire tablet users in apps from Amazon’s Appstore. The mobile marketing campaign is based on the fact that consumers…

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Mobile marketing examined by Millennial Media

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2011

A recent study has looked into the way that this channel is now being used by consumer packaged goods. Millennial Media has just released its latest report containing data it produced based on an exploration of how the consumer packaged goods (CPG) vertical is applying mobile marketing to their efforts. This is the latest in a number of related studies that are being performed by the company. The mobile marketing research is the most recent in the Mobile Intel Series by Millennial Media, and has produced one of the most…

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Mobile marketing survey reveals some strategy keys

Mobile marketing strategy

The results of the research that was performed by Siteworx provided considerable insight. Mobile marketing is still relatively new and those in the industry are still tinkering around with its techniques to try to determine what is successful, and which efforts are best left out of a campaign. New research has just been completed that has identified some of the right efforts to take over this channel. The Siteworx survey has also pointed out a number of mobile marketing techniques that should be left to advertising over other channels, instead…

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Mobile marketing becomes Tumblr’s new playground

Tumblr mobile marketing

The company will be joining the smartphone advertising world in 2013 as it looks for new streams of revenue. Tumblr has revealed that it will be taking its first steps into the world of mobile marketing this year, as it makes a number of considerable efforts to add new earnings within this growing environment. The massively popular blogging network has been growing rapidly and is noting the importance of smartphones and tablets. The social landscape over smartphones and tablets has been rapidly expanding and Tumblr has determined that mobile marketing…

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Mobile marketing guide issues strict cautions regarding the use of text

Mobile Marketing

The recommendation is that retailers stick to certain important rules when using SMS. Although mobile marketing through text messages is still considered to be effective, according to a new guide, retailers should move forward with caution or it could sabotage the entire technique. Consumers pay close attention to what they receive over their smartphones and tablets, so relevance is key. This is the case with mobile marketing far more than in other channels. For instance, television commercials are often ignored or skipped, and banner ads are barely even noticed by…

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Mobile marketing pros learning from Chok! Chok! Chok! ad

mobile marketing coca cola chok chok chok

The Coca Cola ad in Hong Kong which aired on television in late 2011, created a massive phenomenon. Mobile marketing is now reaching the point that it has been around long enough that experts are starting to observe trends and are beginning to identify some of the commonalities among the successful campaigns. The truly explosive strategies such as Coca Cola’s Chok! Chok! Chok! in Hong Kong do have things in common. In the case of that ad, the soft drink giant aired an ad at 10 pm every night that…

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Mobile marketing relatively misunderstood among many companies

QR Code Mobile Marketing

Study targets the world of mobile marketing Aquent, a leading staffing organization dedicated to marketing, has released a new study that focuses on mobile marketing. The study was commissioned by Forrester Research and provides some insight on how companies all over the world view mobile marketing and the prospective benefits it offers. Many businesses have taken note of the rising number of smart phone and tablet users around the world. As these consumers become more prolific, companies are feeling the need to engage these people through their mobile devices, thus…

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Social media marketing campaigns are seeing important gains

mobile social media marketing

The results of the various efforts this year are starting to produce figures as to their successes. A company called FrogAds has just released the results regarding the achievements of the social media marketing campaigns that it has had in place since June of this year, and they have produced some figures that could help to shape the decisions made for next year’s campaigns. That company has been rated by Alexa as being in the 130,600 spot after Craigslist. Craigslist is currently ranked by Alexa in the 43rd position. The…

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Mobile marketing award won by IMImobile and British Gas

m-commerce award

The acknowledgement was given for the best mobile CRM/Enterprise message campaign. It has just been announced that IMImobile, one of the leading providers of specialized smartphone and tablet data platforms and services to enterprises and telecom operators worldwide, is the recipient of one of the top Effective Mobile Marketing Awards. These coveted awards are a celebration of the best advertising and promotion campaigns and solutions. They acknowledge the best solutions and campaigns, worldwide, that are designed for mobile marketing implementation. This Most Effective CRM/Enterprise Messaging Campaign award was handed to…

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