Mobile marketing achievements made by Office Depot

Office depot mobile marketing

The company has revealed that it has experienced considerable success from its campaigns in this channel.

The head of mobile business strategy at Office Depot, Gabriel Cabrera, recently gave a keynote speech in which the success of the company’s mobile marketing strategy was underscored.

Smartphones and tablets represented nearly a quarter (24 percent) of Cyber Monday traffic.

Cabrera explained that mobile marketing made it possible for the company to be able to provide the “highly personalized experience” that consumers have come to expect. He added that “No longer generic banners, no longer emails that are just being flown in the sense of almost spam. Mobile is the connective tissue. Basically, we are the ones facilitating a true omni experience and actually supporting our tech-savvy users.”

Beyond the impressive data from that one day, the mobile marketing strategy also brought in traffic on other days.

For instance, on Black Friday, mobile commerce made up 34 percent of the total traffic that was seen by the Office Depot’s websites. That said, when compared to the year before, transactions that were generated over this channel had doubled.Office depot mobile marketing

Also pointed out during the speech was that the Office Depot currently experiences twice as many sessions from smartphone users than they do from tablet users. As a part of the overall campaign, SMS mobile marketing was brought into play, as well as m-wallets, push notifications, circulars, in-store app modes, smartphone and tablet targeted ads, and even geo-fencing.

Clearly, a wide spectrum of strategies and techniques were employed. While the company experienced notable success overall, not all of those various tactics were considered to have been worthwhile, other than in the testing sense.

For instance, though the launch of Passbook last February did prove to be very worthwhile for Office Depot – as there are how three times more iOS users than there had been before the launch – they did not see the same benefits from their use of QR codes, according to Cabrera.

He also added that as the company moves forward into 2014, Office Depot will be tinkering with tailored individual customer experiences as well as responsive design. The primary component of this mobile marketing strategy will be personalization.

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