Mobile marketing campaign for Ben Affleck draws a crowd

Ben Affleck batman mobile marketing ebook

An ebook was released in response to the controversial decision to have him play Batman.

Mobile marketing methods for a new ebook that has been designed around the controversy surrounding the decision to have Ben Affleck play Batman in the next movie starring the DC Comics character has proven to be highly successful, so far.

The ebook is riding the massive media wave surrounding the wildly unpopular choice.

The title of the book is “Ben Affleck: Bad for Batman?”, and it was written by Eric Nolan and is being advertised using mobile marketing techniques. Though the author had the opportunity to publish the book in print, he decided to opt for a digital version because he felt that using electronic media would “deliver a faster product that could be updated at no charge to readers as Ben Affleck assumes the role and the debate reaches the next level.”

Ben Affleck batman mobile marketing ebookNolen intends to continue to use mobile marketing for the sale of his unauthorized look into this controversy.

The debate at the center of the this book and the mobile marketing campaign, is that Ben Affleck has been selected as the replacement for Christian Bale, in playing Batman and Bruce Wayne in the tremendously successful film franchise. Responses from DC Comics fans have ranged from astonishment to frustration and anger. Social media has come alive with posts of disapproval, while a petition to remove the actor from the role had already accumulated over 92,180 digital signatures at the time that this article was written.

The book is currently gaining a great deal of attention through online and mobile marketing, and has tapped into a very large market of fans that have enjoyed the Batman movies until now. The one thing that the majority of these fans have in common is that they feel strongly – one way or the other – about the choice of Ben Affleck to play this character. The wording of the title has clearly been carefully crafted to be able to attract those who do and do not agree with the casting. Now, all it takes is a smartphone, tablet, or ebook reader to be able to receive the text and free updates. This could prove to be a keen way to take advantage of fads over the mobile channel.

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