Mobile marketing pushed with a vengeance by Nokia

Nokia technology news

The company has embraced its new role as “challenger” and is seeking to be more aggressive to appeal to consumers. Nokia has had struggles appealing to smartphone customers in the past and, as a result, has decided to redesign its mobile marketing strategy in order to “be more bold” and boost its appeal to consumers worldwide. The company recognizes that it is now a challenger as opposed to a leader and has altered its efforts to suit that role. According to Tuula Rytila, the chief marketing officer at Nokia, the…

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Mobile marketing campaign started by Colgate-Palmolive

mobile marketing colgate palmolive

The company is using SMS to help Americans to learn more about oral health and proper care. Colgate-Palmolive has just announced that it has entered into a new mobile marketing partnership with the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) in order to launch the toothpaste and oral health product company’s “Oral Health Month” campaign, this year. This campaign will be geared toward providing Hispanic Americans with more information. Starting today and running for the length of July, this mobile marketing campaign will be used to help families with a Hispanic American background…

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Mobile marketing introduced in new Toys ‘R’ Us campaign

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

This massive toy store has recognized that its customers are smartphone carriers and this is an important opportunity. Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed that it is moving to the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, with a new mobile marketing campaign that will use techniques such as smartphone coupons that will include barcodes that can be scanned at the point of sale in order to allow shoppers to obtain discounts. The company is also running campaigns in a top American magazine to gain tremendous exposure. The toy store will…

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Mobile marketing campaign at Amazon gives money away

Mobile Marketing ROI

Kindle Fire tablet users are being encouraged to use Amazon Coins virtual currency for apps. Amazon coins have just been launched as a brand new form of online currency meant exclusively for use through the apps at the Amazon Appstore and the company has started a mobile marketing promotion for users of the Kindle Fire tablets that will give them free digital money. The currency can only be used by Kindle Fire tablet users in apps from Amazon’s Appstore. The mobile marketing campaign is based on the fact that consumers…

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Mobile marketing examined by Millennial Media

Mobile Marketing Statistics 2011

A recent study has looked into the way that this channel is now being used by consumer packaged goods. Millennial Media has just released its latest report containing data it produced based on an exploration of how the consumer packaged goods (CPG) vertical is applying mobile marketing to their efforts. This is the latest in a number of related studies that are being performed by the company. The mobile marketing research is the most recent in the Mobile Intel Series by Millennial Media, and has produced one of the most…

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