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Newspaper QR code sends readers to free app

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Orange County Register has begun including QR codes in issues of their newspaper. The codes are being used to offer readers more dynamic experience. An increasing number of publications have begun using the codes to bridge the gap between offline and online media. Newspapers in particular have been offering exclusive video content, letting readers watch interviews of commentaries without interrupting their reading experience. Print media has been struggling to find a foothold with an audience that has become increasingly dependent on technology. The public now has access to all the news coverage they could possibly handle online for free. Now, more than ever before, print media is beginning to be seen as more of an inconvenience rather than a valuable resource. The use of QR codes … Read entire article »

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QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Trends

QR codes have been around for decades now. They were first developed in the mid-80’s by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to keep track of inventory. Smart phones were non-existent in that era, so usefulness of the codes was limited. As smart phones and other mobile devices rose to prominence, the codes became a popular tool for marketers to connect with consumers. In Japan, the codes are now used extensively for just about everything. Marketers around the world agree that QR codes are the next step in mobile advertising. They provide instant access to videos, websites, maps and other information that can be used to engage consumers. Their popularity has been increasing in the western world over the past year, and marketers in the U.S. are beginning to use the … Read entire article »

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Medical journal linked to unique content makes it’s premier

The medical journal, NEUROSURGERY, will be featuring QR codes in their April 2011 issue. Readers will be able to gain access to additional online content by scanning the codes with their smart phones. The journal is using the codes to fill the gap between print and online content. The codes will help enhance reader experience for those that enjoy the traditional hard copy. Print media has been competing with digital content for some time now. With users able to access content quickly through the Internet, fewer are making use of print and that has translated into a loss of subscribership for magazines and newspapers. The staff of NEUROSURGERY believes that QR codes are the key to overcoming their struggle with online content. “Using QR codes in our print product links the two … Read entire article »

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Company enjoys success with QR Code promo

Stemlit Growers, a Washington based provider of organic fruits, was one of the first companies to adopt QR codes in early spring of last year. They began using the codes before they became popular and have enjoyed the attention their produce has been getting since implementing the codes. Now, Stemlit is taking their mobile marketing campaigns to the next level by adding QR codes to in-store displays and point-of-sale materials. The 2d codes can be scanned with any smart phone that has a barcode reading application. They originated in Japan, developed by a subsidiary of Toyota, and were used to keep track of inventory for the manufacturer. Marketers adopted the codes when smart phones began to emerge. The codes have been gaining acclaim around the world as a useful way for … Read entire article »

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The state of marketing in today’s world and finding your niche

  Social media has created an advertising monster. It’s understandable that many companies are profiting from this strategy, and profit is the bottom line. However, most people get really annoyed at being flooded with ad’s and offers for free stuff; only to find out; they have to jump through hoops first, to get anything. Who knew that haphazardly clicking on a cute little thumbs-up icon could turn you into an automatic spam and phishing magnet? Since Facebook and Twitter came along, advertising has leaped into a whole new realm. Many businesses have discovered that social media is now THE marketing platform; and they must use it, or die. Some will advertise responsibly, while others are massively swamping pages with clutter. It didn’t take long for companies to realize the mass exposure they could … Read entire article »

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