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Canadian Kokanee beer uses QR Codes to promote

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});     Kokanee, one of the most popular breweries in Western Canada, is promoting the launch of their limited edition Mountain Can Series that will make use of QR codes as part of their innovative packaging. The packaging will feature trial maps of several well traveled mountains in the area and the codes can be scanned to connect to an interactive version of each map. “Using QR codes is a fresh new approach for Kokanee in our product packaging and provides a richer brand experience,” says Mike Bascom, marketing manager for Kokanee. The long standing relationship between the brewery and the many mountain resorts throughout Western Canada was the key inspiration for the new campaign. Scanning the codes will allow users to download full trial maps to their smart phones. … Read entire article »

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Large media firm in India uses QR Codes to win over consumers

Cyber Media, and India-based publishing and specialty media firm, has announced that they will be using QR codes in print media throughout India as part of their efforts to connect with customers. Scanning the code with a smart phone, or any web enabled mobile device, will take users to advertisers websites or other associated online content. “QR Codes will make print interactive,” says Prasanto K. Roy, president and editor-in-chief of Cyber Media. “We decided to commercially launch QR codes when telecom operators began rolling out 3G services that will make connecting to the web smooth.” Roy claims that Cyber Media is the first publishing house in India that has made use of the codes. Cyber Media has plans to work with other companies in the print industry to further expand the use … Read entire article »

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New software to help business owners with QR Code campaigns

QR Codes can now be mass produced, thanks to a Japanese company named IT DeSign. The company, based in Tokyo, specializes in QR Code business. They have developed a software design kit for computer developers to add to their regular applications. This will allow their regular software programs to mass produce a high quality, custom designed QR Code. With this new software incorporated into their system, developers can streamline the process of making custom QR Codes for customers; saving both parties’ time and money.  The system also includes a functional analytics of how often the QR Code was accessed and at what times. This will give businesses a “snapshot” of peak performance times, and show them how well their marketing is driving traffic. The application is compatible with Windows, as long as … Read entire article »

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More ways to get creative with your QR Code campaign…

Aleyant System, a graphic communications company that offers web-to-print solutions, has announced a variable QR code generator will be added to the eDoc Builder, the company’s web-based data publishing system. The codes will be able to be merged with a database and allow for personalization for print campaigns. Aleyant is encouraging its customers to take advantage of emerging mobile marketing tools now as their popularity begins to take off. A number of benefits can be gained from using the codes and Aleyant believes that retail businesses will see the most success in using them. “We wanted to make it easy for printers to offer this feature to their customers,” said Greg Salzman, president of Aleyant Systems. Salzman believes that QR codes will become the cornerstone of direct mail, businesses cards, magazines and … Read entire article »

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Raising awareness with easy barcode scanning technology

  Farmland Dairies is joining the multitude of companies using QR codes as part of their latest promotional campaign to raise consumer awareness. The company, a leading manufacturer of retail and foodservice branded milk and cream, will be using the codes in health clubs throughout the Northwestern U.S. The campaign is to promote their new dairy products that are enriched with fiber and omega-2 fatty acids. Farmland is using static panels in more than 100 health clubs spanning from New York to Connecticut. The panels feature $1-off coupons and a QR code. When scanned, the code will take consumers to the Farmland mobile site set up for the campaign that will tell them how to receive free samples of their new products. The company will be collecting data from those that participate that … Read entire article »

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QR Code is charting strong growth in mobile marketing arena

A growing number of companies around the world are using QR codes to connect the digital and physical worlds. When scanned, they take users to mobile sites set up to provide consumers with a dynamic experience. The codes can only hold 2-3 kilobytes of data, but that is generally more than enough to make them highly valuable for businesses looking for an edge in the robust mobile marketing industry. The codes are not technically new. They were developed in 1994 by Japanese based Denso Wave Inc., a subsidiary of Toyota. The codes were originally used to keep track of inventory for the car manufacturer. Similar companies have used them for the same purpose. Eventually, marketers began using the codes to promote businesses and services. QR codes provide something physical that consumers can … Read entire article »

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