QR code usage gets a solid boost through mobile retail

qr code usage mobile coupon

As shoppers head to their smartphone as a part of their shopping journey, quick response codes play a growing role. QR code usage has been taking off at a time when it had been expected to die off by many people in the tech industry. Its affordability and ease of use has made it highly appealing as a part of retail mobile marketing strategies. This claim is supported by research results put forward by Juniper Research. Juniper now forecasts that the QR code usage by consumers is only going to…

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New to the world of quick response code?

How To Scan a QR Code

  QR Codes may finally be breaking out to main stream services. More and more web design services are embracing Social Media and adding it into their web business. This now includes QR Codes. QR stands for quick response, because it will transfer data between electronic gadgets faster than normal bar codes. QR Codes are small, black and white squares that look like a barcode. They can hold over seven thousand characters of numeric code, over four thousand characters of alphanumeric code or almost three thousand characters of binary code.…

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The non-scanner scanner

Though the number of people using smart phones has been rising rapidly, the number of phones with QR code reading applications remains modest. QR codes are popular in Japan but that is not so in other nations. The codes are gaining in popularity but are still have a long way to go before they become a staple of modern society. Unfamiliarity is one of the greatest challenges facing QR codes in western society. When first seeing the black and white patterned block, some are left dumbfounded. Even when the codes…

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Digital coupons…the way of the future!

No More Paper Coupons!

As the economy continues to recover from a turbulent recession and an unforgiving year in 2010, people are looking for ways to save as much money as they can. They are cutting back on insurance and other expenses. Some are giving up on retirement while others live paycheck to paycheck. There may be no immediate fix for these problems, but in Cleveland, Ohio, QR codes are being used to help people save money. Consumers go out and spend money every day. They buy groceries, electronics, and cars – anything that…

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