Digital coupons…the way of the future!

No More Paper Coupons!

No More Paper Coupons!

As the economy continues to recover from a turbulent recession and an unforgiving year in 2010, people are looking for ways to save as much money as they can. They are cutting back on insurance and other expenses. Some are giving up on retirement while others live paycheck to paycheck. There may be no immediate fix for these problems, but in Cleveland, Ohio, QR codes are being used to help people save money.

Consumers go out and spend money every day. They buy groceries, electronics, and cars – anything that they need. More local businesses are using QR codes to help consumers spend less money. While it seems counter-intuitive, these businesses rely on the patronage of the consumer. If consumers stop spending money, the businesses close down.

The QR codes are most often linked to discounts that consumers can use when scanned. These discounts operate like a digital coupon and can be showed when checking out. The codes also function as promotional tools, as customers can sign up for updates on special offers and other deals.

The codes originated in Japan in 1994, and have since become a staple for Japanese commerce. They have garnered acclaim for their use in directly connecting consumers with businesses. They can be generated online for free and then embedded on websites or printed and placed on signage.

Several companies have taken to using the codes to bring a new dimension to how people see digital commerce.

Ohio’s NewsChannel5 has constructed a digital maze that can be navigated through use of the codes. Those completing the maze will win a special award.

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