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Though the number of people using smart phones has been rising rapidly, the number of phones with QR code reading applications remains modest. QR codes are popular in Japan but that is not so in other nations. The codes are gaining in popularity but are still have a long way to go before they become a staple of modern society.

Unfamiliarity is one of the greatest challenges facing QR codes in western society. When first seeing the black and white patterned block, some are left dumbfounded. Even when the codes provoke curiosity, smart phone users may not have the appropriate applications that can decipher them. Because of this, more companies are coming up with ways to be able to scan QR codes without having to rely on these applications.

JAGTAG, a mobile 2d barcode solutions company, has developed a service that allows anyone, regardless of what kind of phone they are using, to have access to the information contained in QR codes.

The service, which shares the same name as the company, lets users take pictures of a code and then send them via text to JAGTAG’s servers. The information in the code is then decoded and resent to the user. Codes linking to websites and videos may be better suited for smart phones, but codes linked with text or digital coupons are compatible with any phone type.

Taking away the necessity of barcode reading applications means that more people will have access to QR codes. The only challenge JAGTAG has now is promoting their service so that it gains maximum exposure. If no one knows such a service exists, no one will use it.

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